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In the same way that in the region of the Altiplano, located in the Andes mountain range, its unique climatology and geology make the scarce reigning vegetation form landscapes infinitely flat and devoid of any artifice, although in its interior there are valuable natural resources; The Altiplanos de Piaget, under a succinct design of great purity and minimalism replica watches, house a sophisticated and exceptional mechanics.

2014 is a unique year for the Maison based in Plan-les-Ouates: its 140th anniversary. Such a commemoration could not go unnoticed and Piaget has added a new model to the collection that surely, at the moment, is part of its main hallmark while combining the know how to make high replica watches making treasured during his extensive experience. The Piaget Altiplano 38 mm 900P has some subtle wink with the history of the creation of ultra-flat models by Piaget. The denomination of the caliber is a recognition of the first mechanical movement of ultra-flat manual winding made by the firm in 1957 that bore the 9P denomination and that with its barely 2 millimeters thick began the legend of this type of replica watches uk configurations. Of the more than thirty movements developed by Piaget, no less than a score correspond to ultra-flat calibers, twelve of them developed in recent years have established a record of thinness. Each achievement is another step of experience and knowledge that in turn leads to a new milestone that serves to encourage the Maison to innovate permanently through exceptional creations.

When it seemed that achieving ultra-flat movement was reduced to decrease the thickness of each component and to optimize the space of mechanical architecture, Piaget has surprised us by merging box and movement into a single element. The box can well be described as composed of two bodies: carriage - which in turn forms a whole with the bottom - and bevel, or the detail of the movement replica watches would be that a bevel has been incorporated into it.

This unique symbiosis has only been possible after three years of joint work between the equipment located in the two manufactures of the brand. Those located in Plan-les-Ouates where the boxes are manufactured and those of Côtes des Fées, replica watches which is where movements are traditionally made.