The replica watch case, movement and dial are fused together to provide the opportunity to make the various components of the replica watches visible

As in the other extra-flat movements of the Altiplano collection, some wheels reduce their thickness to just 0.12 millimeters, compared to the thickness of 0.20 of a conventional movement. The basic design that is basic replica watches to reduce the thickness is to play with the necessary height for the undercarriage.

That dimension is what has marked the mechanical arrangement of the fake watches. In the explosion you can see perfectly how the undercarriage and the regulatory body are located on the left and form as a set independent of the rest. In contrast is the bridge to the right that supports the kite and on which the different crown wheels are located responsible for transmitting movement from the crown to the rochete to load the kite spring manually. A remarkable singularity of this design is that the kite only has a fulcrum and is as suspended on its bridge. This not only responds to scratching a few tenths of a thickness for not requiring double support but also responds to the need to improve accessibility because it can only be accessed from the part of the sphere. This does not imply any impediment to maintaining the usual power reserve benefits that in this case are within 48 hours.

This provision of locating the replica watches on the periphery allows positioning the off-center time display without adding more thickness to the set. The "sphere" itself is off-center and at a lower level than the taxiway and kite bridge. This provision contains some curious peculiarities. On the one hand, it is clear that it does not add more thickness, but on the other it allows that there is no moving element - understand the needles - above the bridges. With this it is achieved that the glass can “deform” without danger of touching the needles, since it would physically have the upper part of the bridges; This will avoid possible friction that may affect the accuracy of the clock. Let us think that it is not so strange that the glass flexes and is deformed even if it is a tenth of a millimeter, with this constructive solution we ensure that it is not necessary to keep any safety distance and we also guarantee that this does not affect the operation of the clock.

While it can be said that the entire mechanical design aims to scratch any tenth of a millimeter available to achieve the flattest possible replica watches, the saving does not apply to the finishes or aesthetics of the 38 mm 900P Altiplano.

The opportunity offered by the fusion of the case, movement and dial makes the different components of the watch visible with an effect on the road with a skeleton watch but without implying a loss of comfort in reading the time. The openings of the bridges, both of the taxiway and of the kite, allow to follow all the transmission of energy that occurs in the replica watches: from the assembly of the royal pier through the crown - the movement that can be seen from the three crown wheels It is gratifying to look at - all the undercarriage that ends at the anchor and the swinging of the flywheel / spiral assembly.