The bottom of the replica watches also used as a stage for placing various mechanical parts

If manufacturing an ultra-flat replica watches in itself a constant challenge, performing it as a whole is an extra incentive. All participants must anticipate the functional limitations that can be derived by scratching every tenth of a millimeter to the set, without reducing performance and without forgetting the aesthetic result. During those three years both teams have followed all the steps of the process on a par, from the development, production, adjustment and finishes to offer a result of exceptional singularity not without beauty that fake watches places the Piaget Altiplano 38 mm 900P as the thinnest mechanical watch manufactured to date with its 3.65 millimeters.

It is usual that to describe replica watches from this section we do it separately from its case, dial and finally the movement. In the case of the 38 mm 900P Altiplano, this form is expired since the entire clock is closely related to each other making it impossible to approach one part or system without having to resort to the other to provide meaning and understand the scope it has in replica watches the result final. So we will shred the clock from the bottom to the glass.

We have already commented that the particularity of the 38 mm 900P Altiplano is that movement and box make a whole. More specifically, the bottom of the clock also serves as a stage on which various mechanical parts will settle. This design entails reversing the construction of the movement, since to access it you must proceed from the part of the sphere inwards. The illustration that accompanies replica watches the article in which I could see an explosion of movement will help us visualize what we are referring to.